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Hiking The Appalachian Trail
The Maryland Challenge

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There is much lore and legendary tradition to hiking the Appalachian Trail, including the so-called "Maryland Challenge:" hiking the Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail in ONE DAY! You may miss some things hurrying to meet the Maryland Challenge, so this virtual hike can be done in less than one day and still see plenty of the special sites available in Maryland.

Join me hiking from the Mason-Dixon Line to Harper’s Ferry, or the other way if you prefer, and see all the sites in a much more relaxed and comfortable way.

Visit the Appalachian Trail, starting from any point in the listing below, and virtually hike from place to place — click on the up arrow (Appalachian Trail Up Arrow) to hike toward Maine, or click on the down arrow (Appalachian Trail Down Arrow) to hike toward Georgia; the up and down arrows are located at the left side of each Appalachian Trail page.

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