Sugarloaf Mountain

Enjoy the book and 2019 calendar. Then check out the gallery of photos of this wonderful location not far from Washington DC. The mountain is not just Maryland geography, but also a warm and embracing rural community with a unique history.

High Top View: Maryland Appalachian Trail

When you hike the AT Maryland Challenge,
Stop and Sniff the Overlooks

Religiously inspired art and architecture

This huge cathedral, inspired by the cathedrals of Europe, is one among the numerous sites of religiously inspired art and architecture in the Washington, DC area.

Discover Chincoteague and Assateague

Standing at the top of the Assateague Lighthouse looking north and west toward Chincoteague Island and the bridge to Assateague Island. This is home to wild ponies, millions of varieties of birds, and much wildlife close to the ocean.

The Catoctin Mountain Range

Chimney Rock, in Catoctin National Park is a wonderful destination for hikers. It is a part in the northern end of the Catoctin Mountain Range, which draws a variety of people who love getting active in the beautiful outdoors, who love camping, and who love just getting close to nature.

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Published Books

Published Books 

Descriptions of the Published Photo Journey Guide book series.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain
Only about 30 miles from Washington, DC, Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland is a wonderful resource for lovers of nature, history, and a rural getaway. Soon an attractive photo book will come out. Meanwhile, enjoy an internet gallery of mountain photos. Check it out here!.

Appalachian Trail
Maryland Challenge

Appalachian TrailMaryland Challenge
Explore the Appalachian Trail in Maryland, from the Potomac River to Penmar. See the first Washington Monument and the War Correspondents Arch.

Art & Architecture

ReligiousArt & Architecture
Religious Art and Architecture of different religions are explored in the Washington, DC area.

Hikes and History

MDHikes and History
See the opportunities for hiking and seeing history not far from Washington, DC.

Chinctoteague & Assateague Islands

Chinctoteague & Assateague Islands
Just hours from Washington, DC, this is a great place to get close to nature, exploring a lighthouse, wild ponies, and a gazillion birds.


Such diversity of approaches to railroads. Here are four: museums, rides, models, and games.

Maryland Fungi

IdentifyMaryland Fungi
Help me to Identify Fungi
from the Mountains of Maryland.

Covered Bridges

MarylandCovered Bridges
Maryland Has Three Covered Bridges North of Frederick. These are a blast from the past, but still working in the present.

Community Museum

GaithersburgCommunity Museum
Here are two Gaithersburg places: the B&O Freight House with scenes of Gaithersburg history, and the historic Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory.

Rockville Science Day

Rockville Science Day
The City of Rockville celebrated Rockville Science Day, 2018 on Earth Day

Eclipse Party in Gaithersburg, MD

Eclipse Party in Gaithersburg, MD
Although it was only a partial eclipse in Gaithersburg, MD, the science spirit at this party was TOTAL.