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About Me and My Journeys

There are two things I love to do:
                      photography and exploring.

The author hugging a tree during a hike in the woods

You should be be able to see clearly that I am a tree hugger.

You can often find me exploring the woods: up to the mountains, down to the swamps, along the canal. I have explored the Appalachian Trail, the Catoctin Trail, and the C&O Canal towpath. I am not limited, however, to exploring only the woods: you can also find me exploring the beach, lighthouses, and dunes. Breathtaking vistas are wonderful, but I also love to get down on my hands and knees to explore the world of the tiny.

You can also find me going into the city as well as enjoying the railroad experience. Being religious, I am intrigued by religious art and architecture. Finally, I also love history, and there is much history to explore in the Washington DC area.

Everywhere I go, my camera goes too, so I can share my journeys with my family and friends. Come journey with me, friend, and discover with me the wonder of the world in the Washington, DC area. Most of my journeys have not taken me far: mostly within a few hours of Washington, DC. You may find my journeys interesting … want to learn more about the Washington, DC area?

So tie up your hiking shoes, grab your hiking sticks, and join me in my photo journeys in the Washington, DC area.


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