Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... Pogo Campsite

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Tree with sign indicating location of Pogo Campsite

The Pogo Campsite, immediately adjacent the Appalachian Trail on the east side, was built by the Mountain Club of Maryland. It is for tenting only, but it does feature a latrine, two fire circles, and a water source. The water source is a spring about 300 feet down the Thurston Griggs Trail to the west of Appalachian Trail across from the Pogo Campsite.

The Pogo Campsite is named for Walter "Pogo" Rheinheimer, who was an avid hiker and young outdoors-man, as well as the son of an avid outdoors-man. Pogo, as he was known, had hiked much of the Appalachian Trail at the time of his death, who went boating on the Potomac near Harper's Ferry with a friend and drowned when he was 16 years old. He is remembered by his older brother as being full of exuberance.

Some kind of rock structure next to the trail with an AT logo on a big rock

I don't know what was intended by this rock structure with the AT logo on it, but it certainly does mark the location of the campsite if you are looking at your feet as you hike by.

My friend Howard standing on edge of fire ring while examining map, surrounded by stone easy chairs

My friend Howard is here checking his map before we push off. He would of course be much more comfortable sitting in one of these Flintstones easy chairs by the fire circle. This is truly a special feature of the Pogo Campsite.

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