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Direct view of the stone plaque of the Caveney Wilderness Memorial among the leaves

Glenn R. Caveney and his father spent a lot of time in the woods doing Appalachian Trail maintenance, and they both loved the woods. Sadly, Glen was killed in an auto accident at age 17 . To memorialize Glenn Caveney's love of the woods and the trail, his father established a fund that purchased four acres of land surrounding the trail and installed this lovely little memorial.

View of the Caveney Memorial next to the Appalachian Trail, with my friend Howard in the distance

Here is a view looking north along the Appalachian Trail, showing the memorial next to the trail. My friend Howard looks on patiently.

Red Maple struggling to survive in the fall next to the trail

This little Red Maple (Acer rubrum) near the Caveney Memorial was struggling to survive in the fall in spite of having its top broken off. It must have been inspired by the father of Glenn Caveney to carry on in spite of adversity and to remember a promising life cut short.

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