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Sand Flats

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South side of Pond #4

When you walk east down the trail into the Sand Flats area from the parking lot on Gambrill Park Road, this is the first pond you come to.

Wood Frogs swimming around in Pond #4 while looking for love in the early spring.

You can continue walking east across the dam for the pond. This view is of the same pond, but looking west along the dam (on the right in this picture).

You knew none of the ponds in the area are natural, right? They all are dammed streams. I am told that they were created to provide water in the event of a forest fire.

Catoctin Trail crosses a creek that feeds Pond #4

This is the same pond, but a little farther south.

North side of Pond #4 in early spring with creek draining it.

Continuing to walk south from the first pond, you come to a second pond, shown here.

Sign on Catoctin Trail indicating distance to Gambrill and to Manor Area

If you walk farther south you come to a T intersection with another trail. We set up this temporary cairn with the express purpose of ensuring that we would know the correct direction to turn when we returned to this intersection.

From here, you can ...

Turn left, and hike to the Catoctin Trail a little north of Pond #5

Turn right, and hike down a gully to Pond #5 immediately next to the Catoctin Trail.

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