The Excitement of an Eclipse ...
Information and Party-Support Booths

(Gallery Has Five Pictures)

The Rockville Science Center booth.

The Rockville Science Center, as one of the event's co-sponsors, set up a booth at the eclipse party. There was a lot of interest from various party-goers in what the Center does, and they were able to sign up for membership and information.

Rockville Science Center staff

Staff at the Center was pumped for this event, bringing many volunteers to help spread the message of the importance and excitement of science.

Sign showing what the Rockville Science Center is all about

Some people may have been too timid to directly ask what the Center was about, but this sign provided them the information.

Eclipse Party Information booth

The crowds at the eclipse party were more than a little intimidating, and so this information booth was helpful to party-goers.

First Aid booth

This first aid booth was valuable too. I wonder if they treated anyone for sun-stroke. Near this booth, was my favorite activity table, where drums of ice water were available. With all that sun, staying hydrated was a challenge, and those drums of ice water undoubtedly saved many people from dehydration; I certainly found it so.

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