History on the Rails...
Tour the Budd Car With Louise Bradford

(Gallery Has Three Pictures)

Louise Bradford giving tour of inside of Budd Car.

Louise Bradford, a member of the museum staff, gave me a full tour of the museum's Budd Car. Here she is pointing out some historic aspects in the car. Each Budd Car comprised two rooms, separated by walls that concealed exhaust pipes. These cars were NOT pulled by engines, but rather had their own diesel engines beneath the floor, with the exhausts vented through the roof.

Room in Budd Car with railroad seats and luggage racks and historic period luggage

In this room, the museum has located its' collection of the flop-seats, which could be set to face in either direction, so that the train did not need to turn around at the end of the line In the display case on the right is a collection of railroad china for use in a dining car. Above the train seats is a luggage rack, with period luggage that was left behind; will the owners of that luggage ever come back for it?

View of room inside Budd Car with the seats removed, and historical materials available.

This room has none of the orignal train seats, which makes it ideal for holding presentations. Indeed, the museum does hold events in the Budd Car. You definitely will want to visit the museum's Facebook page for the schedule of special events, which include events for kids held in this car and also events for adults, such as Museum After Hours.

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