History in the Freight House...
Exhibits inside the Museum

(Gallery Has Six Pictures)

Old time school room inside the museum.

Right inside the door of the museum is an exhibit that should appeal to most kids of any age: a historic school room, complete with pot-belly stove, crayons, and chalk boards for the students. Children are encouraged to sit in the old school seats and write with chalk on the chalk boards. We will not, however, be using historically accurate corporal punishments. I don't recall seeing any hichory sticks.

Exhibit of historical Gaithersburg bank teller stall

Here is an opportunity for learning: "The First National Bank of Gaithersburg, MD." This exhibit includes information about money so kids can learn this important topic. I can image an opportunity for role-playing here too. Who wants to be the bank manager first?

Picture of historic style desk with historic typewriters and phone.

Well, I imagine that this is where you would more likely find the bank manager, sitting at his desk, with many pidgeon holes for notes on bank issues. The historic typewriters are interesting; I learned on one like the typewriter on the left. I suppose the one on the right would have required some good muscles to keep at it all day.

Antique cash register and antique iron safe

Here is a situation any kid or adult could relate to: going to the store. Of course there is a cash register, but because this store is security conscious, there is a safe installed to hold excess cash. The safe, which has lovely painted designs inside and out, was made by the L.H.Miller Safe and Iron Works in Baltimore, MD.

Historic merchandise in a glass store cabinet.

Check out the great merchandise that you might have wanted to buy if you lived in Gaithersburg in the early 1900s.

Historic merchandise on shelves on the wall

And here is more such merchadise on the shelves on the wall. If any of this stuff takes you back ... well, how old are you anyway?

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