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Wolf Rock looking north

Wolf Rock is a rock scrambler's paradise, and frankly is impossible to capture in a single photo. It is a huge outcropping that stretches for maybe a quarter of a mile. Rescue training was conducted at Wolf Rock in 2014. This article noted that about four rescues are required in Catoctin Mountain Park every five years, so I recommend that you watch your step when you play on the rocks here.

Outcrop at Wolf Rock that looks like a wolf

I believe this is the feature for which Wolf Rock gets its name. It is located at the west end of the outcropping.

Resting on Wolf Rock after lunch

Wolf Rock is a great place for lunch, and afterwards you can spread out and enjoy a nap like a snake sunning itself on a rock. Incidentally, rattle snakes and copperheads are known to hang out here too, so just be vigilant when you visit.

Black Vulture looking for lunch at Wolf Rock

A Black Vulture looking for lunch at Wolf Rock. If you're bitten by one of those snakes, he might have a special interest in you.

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