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Owen's Creek Campground (near the Catoctin Trail)

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Entrance to the Owens Creek Campground

This is the entrance to the Owen's Creek Campground, off of Foxville-Deerfield Road. This is an excellent campground, with lovely leafy campsites, and a great place to camp to go exploring the park. The Catoctin Trail crosses this bridge and then enters the woods on the right, away from the driveway. If you are interested in camping here, you need to make a reservation.

Turtle Pond next to Visitor Center

This is the driveway to Owen's Creek Campground. On the left is a demonstration water-powered saw-mill. There is not actually any water here to power it, so it doesn't actually operate. Perhaps it was originally located at the bottom of the hill at Owen's Creek.

Driveway into Owens Creek Campground, with demo sawmill on the side

This is a side view of the demonstration saw-mill. Notice the water wheel, which would have powered the saw-mill originally. Also notice the boardwalk; this is part of a disabilities accessible nature walk through the woods.

Side view of the sawmill at Owens Creek Sawmill

Stretched out on the lawn next to the driveway is part of what may have been some of the original equipment in the saw-mill.

Parking lot at Owens Creek Campground

Just above the saw-mill, on the right, there is a parking lot just outside the camping area. I was able to park my car here for a day of hiking without a reservation but with a note of my intentions inside the windshield. I did NOT, of course, park in the disabilities spot.

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