Catoctin Mountain Range ... Hiking North & South on the Catoctin Trail
Bobs Hill Summit


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Trail post for Bobs Hill showing elevation 1765

Post on the side of the Catoctin Trail announcing the top of Bobs Hill. There are two overlooks: one on the east side and one on the west side.

View from the east side of Bobs Hill

This is the view from the east side of Bobs Hill, looking out over fertile farmland to the east. I found the view to be a bit pedestrian as well as obscured by vegetation.

Approach to the west side

This is the view on the approach to the west side. Of the two overlooks, this is the more interesting.

Bobs Hill westside -- looking south

On the west side of Bobs Hill, there were good views when looking in several directions. This is the view looking to the south ...

Bobs Hill westside -- looking south-west

and this is the view looking toward the south-west.

Bobs Hill westside -- panorama looking west

This is the panoramic view from the west side looking west. South Mountain is in the distance, where the Appalachian Trail wends its way.

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