C&O Canal -- Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... AT on the Canal Tow Path

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Orange colored trumpet vine growing next to tow path

Here is a common site in open areas of the canal: Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans). This native of the northeast United States can grow voraciously if uncontrolled.

View looking down center of C&O Canal tow path

Hikers familiar with other parts of the Appalachian Trail may find this long straight vista to be quite unfamiliar. Hikers familiar with the C&O Canal, however, will find it to be much like other parts of the canal.

View across Potomac River from C&O Canal to Loudoun Heights

Across the river is an awesome rock outcropping called Loudoun Heights. The view from up on top is awesome too.

Tree covered hill of Maryland Heights backside

Here is a view from Loudoun Heights of the backside of Maryland Heights. Doesn't look like much just yet, but just wait till you are closer to Harpers Ferry, which is in West Virginia, on the other side of those railroad bridges. At the base of that hill are the railroad tracks, Sandy Hook Road, and nearest the Potomac River is the C&O Canal and tow path.

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