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View of back of Ed Garvey shelter, showing stairs going up to the second floor

Who was Ed Garvey? ... He was an outdoors man, a hiker and lover of the Appalachian Trail, who devoted his life to promoting and maintaining the trail. Oh ... and he hiked with the Boy Scouts in the Shenandoah in the 1950s. In his honor, this deluxe shelter was built as a memorial. Here you can see the backside of the shelter with the stairs going up to the second floor, which is enclosed. To the right in this picture, you can see the park benches around the fire circle.

Upstairs inside the Ed Garvey Shelter, showing ornate handrail with AT logo

Here is the second floor inside the shelter, with its jazzy handrail featuring the AT logo. Note that the second floor is not fully enclosed; there is a space between the handrail and the Plexiglas window that allows fresh air to enter from below. In nasty weather, this is definitely where I would want to be.

Front view of Ed Garvey Shelter

Here is a view of the front of the Ed Garvey shelter, with a picnic table out front. The shelter faces east down the hill, so I wonder how sheltered it is on the first floor if the wind is blowing from the east ... just a thought.

Composting toilet at Ed Garvey

I've become a big fan of composting toilets, like this one, that are not entirely enclosed, because the smell is almost nonexistent ... as long as there is not a nasty clownish crowd who like to take peeks, in which case I might prefer a different venue anyway.

Tenting site at Ed Garvey

Suppose you arrive and there is no room in the shelter. In that case, the Boy Scouts created some very nice tenting sites for you, like the one shown here. Looks like they could stand a bit of maintenance, but these sites will do the job for the night.

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