Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... Rocky Run Shelter

(Gallery Has Six Pictures)

First Rocky Run Shelter

There are actually two Rocky Run Shelters, and this is the first one you come to, a very comfortable looking one. You can just barely see the latrine in the distance to the right in this picture viewed through the tree branches. The spring is farther down the blue blazed trail.

View from upstairs inside First Rocky Run Shelter

The front porch of this shelter is quite comfortable.

View of food hangers and roof of second Rocky Run Shelter through the woods

The trail continues down hill into a hollow. From here you can see the food hanging pole (to keep food away from bears), and on the other side of the hollow you can see the roof of the second Rocky Run Shelter.

Side view of second Rocky Run Shelter

Here is the second Rocky Run Shelter, a more old-time design. You won't go wrong sleeping here, and you'll be quite protected.

Me sitting in relaxing swing in front of second Rocky Run Shelter

This very relaxing swing is in front of the second Rocky Run Shelter. One could get quite used to this kind of relaxation.

Water flowing out of plastic pipe from spring

Here is the water source for both Rocky Run shelters. It is close to the second shelter, but is doable for both of them. I sampled the water (after purifying it), and it was cold and refreshing.

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