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Appalachian Trail ascending steps up hill toward the Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, in Washington Monument State Park, sits at the top of a hill just south of the powerline right-of-way, and the Appalachian Trail ascends that hill up these steps.

View of Washington Monument from Appalachian Trail

Here is the view of the monument as the trail approaches the top. Note the double blaze on the tree, which indicates that the trail does not quite reach the monument, but turns to the left (south) at this point.

Magestic view of Washington Monument silhouetted against a blue sky

But even if you are in a hurry, you really should walk the last few steps to the Washington Monument of Boonsboro, here in all its glory on a beautiful day. It was the first fully erected monument to George Washington, and was built by the citizens of Boonsboro in 1827. It has fallen into disrepair several times, and most recently repaired by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1936.

Washington Monument and surrounding area covered in snow

Here is the monument in winter snow. Note the rock talus field below it.

View looking west from top of Washington Monument

You are usually permitted to climb the stops inside the tower and enjoy the view from the top. This is the view looking west, and you can see Boonsboro in the valley below. In 2016 some hikers were injured who were in the monument in a thunder storm when lightning hit it. The force of the lightning striking the top of the monument forcefully blew the visitors out the doorway, and one was severly injured after flying through the air. The monument was closed for a while until needed repairs were completed to repair the lightning damage.

View looking east from top of Washington Monument

This is the view from the top looking east. You can see the Catoctin Mountain Range in the distance.

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