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Composting commode painted orange

Annapolis Rocks has tent camping spaces, composting commodes like the one shown here, and a spring where you can get water. This is a very popular place to visit, so during the summer months there is also a campsite monitor to make sure all rules are observed, such as only camping in approved sites. What more could someone ask for? How about one of the best rock outcroppings and overlooks in Maryland.

By the way, even though this is a composting toilet, during the summer the aroma in it is wretched because there is so much traffic at this super popular location.

Rock climbers with ropes going over the edge of an outcropping

Here you can see some rock climbing enthusiasts doing their thing. I trust they know what they're doing.

View from Annapolis Rocks of Lake Greenbrier to the west

Here is a lovely view of Lake Greenbrier to the west. Needless to say, I love taking pictures here, but photographers need to be warned that falling from these rocks can be a death sentence. An academic visiting from England in 2015, Alexei Likhtman, lost his footing while trying to get the best photographs and went over the edge and was killed in the fall. Don't let it happen to you; no picture is worth it.

Rock outcropping peeking out on hillside in summer from among the trees

Here, a rock outcropping to the north peaks out from among the trees in summer.

A winter view of an adjacent hillside showing rock slide beneath the tree tops

In the winter, it's a different story. With no leaves to hide the ground, this rock slide is plainly visible.

A man and his dog in winter at Annapolis Rocks

This man and his dog hiked up the Appalachian Trail to enjoy the winter views from the top of Annapolis Rocks. I suppose he was using his smart-phone to take some pictures .

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