Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... Ensign Phillip Cowall Memorial Shelter

(Gallery Has Two Pictures)

Ensign Cowall Shelter with Howard in front of it

This very comfortable shelter is located right off the Appalachian Trail to the west of the trail, not far from Wolfsville Road. Its construction was funded by the parents of Ensign Phillip Cowall in his memory, because he had so loved the trail. It has a nearby standard latrine. The water source is about a quarter mile from the shelter, a spring located at the end of a blue-blazed trail on the east side of the Appalachian Trail south of the shelter. My friend Howard, here, approved of the shelter.

Door of latrine with handle made of a bent branch

The latrine was just OK, but I loved the handle on the door, made of a local tree limb. I thought it was clever.

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