Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... Raven Rock Overlook

(Gallery Has Three Pictures)

Immense rock outcropping

About half-way up Raven Rock Hill, there is a clearing surrounded by rock outcroppings. This one blocks the Appalachian Trail from going farther north, and so the trail jogs left around it. At the point where the trail jogs left, a blue-blazed trail goes to the right to ascend a rock outcropping to the east, called Raven Rock, which juts out of the forest to provide a nice view to the south and west.

Yaakov hiking past the Raven Rock outcropping

Here you see me hiking north and pausing to look around. Behind me is Raven Rock outcropping jutting up in the air. The double blazes of course indicate a change in direction for the trail, where it turns away from Raven Rock, and nearby a blue-blazed trail leads up to the top of Raven Rock to access the great view from the top.

Panoramic view from Raven Rock overlook, with valley in the distance and hill to the left

Here is the view looking west from the top of Raven Rock. You can see clearly the valley in the distance. The Appalachian Trail to the south goes over the hill that you see to the left in this picture; that hill is topped by Buzzard Knob.

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