Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... Raven Rock Shelter

(Gallery Has Three Pictures)

Side view of shelter and composting toilet behind it

Side view of Raven Rock Shelter, with composting toilet visible behind it (left). The shelter is one of the newer very comfortable ones. Similarly, the toilet was a very pleasant experience, well ventilated with the open door facing away from the shelter and down into the woods for privacy; I didn't smell a thing.

Also available was a "clothes line" style food bag hanger with steel cable suspended between trees that appeared very capable of foiling hungry bears.

Front view of shelter showing fire ring

My friend Howard is shown here enjoying the ambiance of the shelter. Note also the fire ring, if you are interested in a camp fire at night. In bad weather, however, you can eat at the sheltered porch table.

Detail front view of shelter

This detail view shows some of the shelter's attractions. The interior is well illuminated by sunlight. We ate lunch here a few times, and in summer there is a pleasant breeze. In winter, however, you need to bundle up when eating at the table, since there is then a decidedly cool breeze.

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