Appalachian Trail ... Hiking the Maryland Challenge ... High Rock

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High Rock showing extensive spray-painted graffiti ... not one square inch unpainted

When I first saw this overlook, I was so disappointed by all the spray-painted grafitti. There was even a sign saying "No Spray Painting", and even it got some grafitti. Hardly a square inch of rock was unpainted anywhere. This is, however, a huge resource, if only someone could bring up a steam-cleaner and sledge-hammer to clean off the rock.

During the Civil War this was a Union look-out, where confederate troop movements were observed from the highest point on South Mountain. In 1864 the complete burning of Chambersburg was first sighted from here. Other South Mountain Civil War sites can be accessed here

This site was until recently also a popular hang gliding spot, with a jump-off platform constructed over the rocks. A local rescue official with a long history of rescuing hang gliders indicated that he was alarmed by the growing number of falls and estimated that 10 to 12 people have died falling from this cliff over the past 25 years. Consequently, hang-gliding is now generally banned at High Rock. It is, however, still quite popular for its great views.

View of valley to the west from High Rock

If you can get past the spray painting and look out over the valley and local mountains, it provides a gorgeous panoramic view.

Visitors standing on High Rock silhouetted by sunset

If you visit it near sunset, the graffiti is harder to see, and the beauty of the view is without equal in the State.

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