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View looking west of the valley from Pen Mar Park

Where the Appalachian Trail crosses Pen Mar Park, you get a lovely view of the valley to the west Not surprisingly, Pen Mar Park and the Town of Pen Mar were so named for its location on the boundry between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Pen Mar Park was envisioned and built by the Western Maryland Railroad as a Maryland getaway, where urban folk could escape hot cities to enjoy cool mountain breezes, and would pay the railroad fare to get there. The resort built there by the railroad included many amusement park attractions as well as a panoramic viewing site. The town of Pen Mar grew with the park, and included a Post Office, hotels, and various boarding houses. Both the park and the town later faded, and the park became a public Washington County Park with a viewing area and a small museum dedicated to the history of the area.

A man sits in a garden chair, near a flagpole, enjoying the view of the valley below, and near an Appalachian Trail sign

A man sits in a garden chair, near a flagpole, enjoying the view of the valley below. This is quite evidently a restful area for contemplating nature. A sign here indicates that the Appalachian Trail runs through the park, and provides distances along the trail to Georgia and Maine.

A viewing platform looking toward the valley to the west

On the western edge of Pen Mar Park is a great viewing stand with a view of the valley. The stand provides a nice opportunity to watch the sunset in the late afternoon.

Looking east from the park toward a lovely tree in autumnal beauty

Across the street from the east side of the park is a parking lot with a big tree, looking lovely in the autumn.

Japanese Barbaerry bush with red berries and many woody thorns

This Japanes Barberry bush (Berberis thunbergii) was growing near the trail at the north side of the park. Be careful near this bush; it's like barbed-wire.

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