Chincoteague-Assateague Seaside Adventure …
A Photo Journey Guide

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Chincoteague and Assateague Islands: plan your first visit or relive your latest visit again and again through this photo adventure. Enjoy the sights: migratory birds; local birds such as ducks; views from the lighthouse; views of the beaches of Assateague; and of course the ever popular wild ponies. This guide captures the spirit and feeling of nature in this rural community easily reached from Washington, DC.


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The Chincoteague-Assateague Gallery:

(This Gallery below has seven colage pictures.)

Views of Chincoteague

1. The first thing you see when visiting these islands is Chincoteague. This is the residential area, and includes some interesting sights, the Sundial Book store, various hotels and other housing options, and restaurants. I recommend that you nose around to see the sights there. 

Light House Views

2. One of the iconic elements of the islands is the Assateague Lighthouse, which can be viewed from Chincoteague and from Assateague Beach. You can climb it, and enjoy some great views from the top. 

Views of Assateague Ponies

3. Another iconic sight on Assateague Island are the wild ponies. Once per year in July, the Chincoteague cowboys round up the ponies and they’re driven across the water to Chincoteague Island for health check-ups and some are sold to interested buyers. Are you interested? Other times of the year, you can see them roaming about Assateague Island, often grazing out in the marshes. 

Light House Views

4. Of course, a big draw on Assateague Island is the beach. Some days is rough, and other days it’s calm. Many people like to swim in the ocean, some like to fish in the ocean and others like to just wander up and down the beach. Happily, there is parking available there, and shower and changing facilities in the summer. 

Views of Assateague Ponies

5. A big part of both Chincoteague and Assateague are the great varieties and numbers of birds. This area is a stop over form many migrating flocks, as well as the permanent home of numerous aquatic fowl. You don’t need to work hard to find birds on either of these islands, especially near the water ways and marsh lands. 

Light House Views

6. And the birds are active down at the beach. Some are just playing in the surf, but others are hard working ones enforcing traffic ordinances. 

Light House Views

7. Of course plants are a big deal in these islands, providing both color and texture. There are Loblolly pines, the massive marshes full of life, and the brightly colored salt-wort. 

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Published Books in the Photo Journey Guide Series
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On this page, I list the book titles that I’ve published so far in the Photo Journey Guide series. To date, I’ve only published one. This, however, is just the beginning, and I will post the new ones as they are published.

Below is a listing of the individual book titles published to date in the Photo Journey Guide series.

MD Catoctin Mountain Range

Catoctin Mountain Range of Maryland

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View of Catoctin Mountain Range from farmland

The Catoctin Mountain Range in Maryland, which is one of the most wonderful recreational treasures within driving distance of Washington, DC. People in the area of course use it for hiking, but also in certain places for camping, for trail-biking, for fishing, and even for boating and swimming. The southern end of this mountain range begins in the south just west of Frederick, MD, and runs about 30 miles north, roughly parallel to South Mountain, which is more to the west, and roughly parallel to MD-15, which is just east of it. On both sides it is surrounded by productive farm land. Over its length, it comprises a ridge that dips a few times into passes. It runs through four parks, as follows from north to south:

Strictly speaking, this mountain range does continue south into Virginia, but at much lower elevations and with fewer notable hiking opportunities to explore.

The Catoctin Trail … Each of the four separate parks include many hiking trails. Additionally, there is one long trail, which is a wonderful resource, the Catoctin Trail, maintained by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC). This trail is 26.6 miles long, and the northern end is just three miles from the Appalachian Trail on South Mountain. In addition to hiking and mountain biking, the trail is also the site for the annual 50K Catoctin Trail Run, which runs out-and-back from the Gambrill Tea Room to the Manor Area Visitors Center.
This photo journey provides you with an opportunity to virtually “hike” this trail in either direction.
[Click here to see the sites and virtually hike the Catoctin Trail].

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